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1&1: A big shame of "Made in Germany"

As a foreigner, I grew up with admiration and respect to Made in Germany quality. Sadly, a portion of this respect has been destroyed by the poor product quality and unbearable customer services of 1&1.

Most customer service stuffs at 1&1 have no ability to comprehend even very simple questions and have no intention to conduction any investigation. But there is one thing all of them are very good at: to convince the customer that it is the fault of the customer. Regardless what issue the customer has, by default, the first answer from 1&1 technical support stuff is always like: Your router is configured wrong. It seems that all customers that spent money to call 1&1 customer support are too stupid to configure their router.

Giving an example, in the first two months after I switched to DSL16000 with Flat Festnetz telephone rate, I still received telephone bills from Deutsche Telekom for local and national calls. I sent an email (written by German telecommunication Engineer) to 1&1 billing department to question why we were still receiving phone bills from Deutsche Telekom even though we already switched to 1&1 VOIP. 1&1 first responded that the bill is from Deutsche Telekom, not from 1&1, and so I should contact Deutsche Telekom instead of 1&1. After several email exchanges, 1&1 service stuff finally understood the problem, and came back to me with the explanation that I got the bill is because I chose to use the charged telephone service of Deutsche Telekom (instead of the free 1&1 VOIP service). At the end, the case finally reached 1&1 technical support, who then suggested that I had wrongly configured our router, even though I provided them the screenshot of our configuration, which exactly matches what is printed on their user menu. The problem went away few days later, even though I had not changed anything in my router. Later on, I learnt from some other 1&1 customers that they had experienced the same problem. Obviously, there was a configuration problem at 1&1 server/router, but they never had the courage to admit it.

Few months later, I again started to receive telephone bills from Deutsche Telekom. After long investigation (including tracing incoming calls at the destination phone number), I found out that 1&1 blocked two normal Festnetz telephone number that I frequently dial, so those phone calls are re-routed to the Festnetz of Deutsche Telekom.

As usual, 1&1 first blamed that I have wrong router configuration. After several phone conversion and email exchange, 1&1 finally admitted that they blocked the number with the reason that those are service phone lines. But indeed they are just normal telephone lines of a company. There are 3 phone numbers of the same company that I frequently - two of them are blocked by 1&1, one of them is not blocked. (PS: At the same time, I can place VOIP calls from my PC ( e.g using Voip service provided by to all three phone numbers for free)

After 3 weeks patient waiting and repeated requests, I still have not received a valid explanation from 1&1 about the blocked phone numbers. Now I am in the process to file a lawsuit against 1&1.

If you have similar issues, please kindly contact me at

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Kommentar von maikaefer (maikaefer 2011) 05.03.2008 um 12:19 Uhr
Wow, so ein langer Bericht. Wenn er in deutsch wäre, könnten ALLE verstehen, was er meint. So leider nicht - Schade. Da war die Mühe umsonst.
Kommentar von STAUNI (HOTTE) 05.03.2008 um 15:19 Uhr
Kommentar von janineberlin 05.03.2008 um 19:30 Uhr
Hello bp0169, a very good report, which is the practice of 1 & 1. First time customers start, and then hang, but really cash money
Kommentar von haudegen 05.03.2008 um 21:04 Uhr
1&1 A big shame of made in germany! Das sollte man mal 1&1 auf den Tisch knallen. Aber die würden nicht mal grunzen und die Karawane würde so verlogen wie die sind, weiterziehen.

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