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o2 is hell on earth (!)

The technical guy came yesterday and installed the router. But the router is not "freigeschaltet". Also we never received any code or pin so now we are in trouble: no internet and no telephone. So from work I try to chat, but nobody really answers: chat is only weitergeleitet everytime and end with "disconnected".

Finaly I call the kundenservice which I nominate for the Gold Cup for rudiness and stupidity: They really do not help you when you do not have the kundenpassword (which I did not receive), so they "try" to help you by asking you your bankaccountnumber which I do not have with me since I am not home (because I cannot make any call at home because of the router....). No, I do not have a "handy"!

The only thing that needs to be done (already should have been done!) is make the router "freigeschaltet": I give my kundennr, you check if it is not freigeschaltet and make it freigeschaltet. Easy task, huh?

Why put someone through hell for such an easy task? Luckily we do not have a "mindestlaufzeit".

Guess what will happen next...

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Kommentar von HavanA (G. Hubers) 03.07.2015 um 14:31 Uhr
Well, I must say that now I spoke to a guy at the kundenservice I got what I want: he was very adequate to help me and explained how to proceed.

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