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The horrible experience on every level

I have used the Alice internet for 2 years. the name was changed to'O2 DSL S' now. In these two years, the internet was very offen break down, more than once a month. At the fist year the speed is OK, but from the middle of the sencond year, the highst downloading speed was dropped to 150 kb per second, and the internet broke down more frequently. Since the breking down of internet can connect again about 2 or 3 days later wothout doing anything, I think it is the problem of there lines. After Alice was sold to O2, the service was dropped to the hell, I call the number they left me in the email, they would give me a new charging number, then another number... and the problem never be solved. On last November, I terminate the contract till the end of the year, called the number in there termination direction and confirmed the termination. The most annoying thing happened this year--they sent me the bill for the Janurary of this year! How should I pay the bill for the contract which I have already terminated? I have even sent the router back earlie this month. I called the number in the link at the bill letter, the same story as before, I was told it is a business number, I should call a charging number since I am a private custom. called the number and the that number said it is a number for landline, I should call another....This is so rediculars, I would never make any contract with O2!

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