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Tip for everybody living in Germany or if you ever plan to:

If you are moving and/or changing your internet/telephone provider, just make a contract with ALL of them (Unitymedia, 1&1, Kabel1, Alice, and whatever else you find) the first one that comes to install you just keep and tell the others you dont want anymore

Thats the only way you might have a connection before waiting 2-3 weeks (in my case, almost 2 months...)

Every time I moved I tried a different provider thinking that that one would install my internet a bit faster, I always had to wait at least 3 weeks to be online again, 2 times (ARCOR and now Telekom, I had to wait more than 1 month)

I made a contract with Telekom on july 16 and they still havent set an appointment to install my internet/phone/ip TV (and I even chose the full package), last week, advised by one of their salesman, I CANCELLED the contract and made a new one (he said at this point it would be faster, he even said I would be contacted in the next 3-4 days to set the appointment to install it... 1 week has passed... I called the company that makes the installations and they havent got any information about my installation yet...)

During this 1.5 months waiting I called Telekom almost every day (spent more than 20 Euros calling those 0180 numbers) and they always gave me the same excuses and told me they would call me back in a couple of hours... they only did 2 times to say there was nothing they could do... I just had to wait

Before complaining about crisis, check how you are taking care of your customers! and specially the ones that WANT to become one.

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Kommentar von Wind47166 (Wind47166) 30.08.2012 um 16:35 Uhr
UnitedOffensive,du bist ein absoluter Spinner und hast hier nichtsn zu suchen,hier wird deutsch geschrieben,das hat mit nazi überhaupt nichts zu tun
Kommentar von Jason (Jason) 30.08.2012 um 17:07 Uhr
Obviously, your advice did not work in your own case. Is there any understandable reason why you have to move every few monthes?
Kommentar von Kripo Duisburg - Schimanski (User gesperrt) 10.08.2013 um 19:23 Uhr
Erstens gehen dich das einen feuchten Furz an, Fuchs, zweitens ist dein Englisch total miserabel!

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